The first experience of the erection was obtained in 1998. In the same year established a RITM. During this time, the company's specialists have built a large number of different objects of engineering infrastructure. Main activities:

• Automation and Process Control

- Automation of process control systems;

- Automation of engineering systems and equipment;

- Frequency control motor;

- Supplies of frequency converters Danfoss (Danfoss);

- Modernization of automatic control systems;

- Implementation of management systems based on controllers;

- Build cabinets automatic control to order;

• Power

- Internal power supply;

- Internal and front lighting;

- Uninterruptible power supply;

• Telecommunication systems

- Structured Cabling Systems (SCS);

- Local Area Network (LAN);

- Telephony, PBX;

- Wireless communication systems (Wi-Fi, Dect);

- Fiber-optic networks (FOL);

• Low-voltage engineering systems

- Video surveillance systems, security systems (OS);

- Access Control System (ACS);

- Intrusion (OS, TSO)

- Automatic extinguishing control (SAUPT);

- Systems of voice messaging, Civil Defense;

- Building Management;

For works at the appropriate professional level, our employees are constantly improving their skill levels, from certified manufacturers of the equipment and on time tested knowledge of relevant state commissions check.


When building the partnership we strive for professionalism, consistency, initiative. For design, installation and commissioning, we have the relevant experience, knowledge and technical means. Always happy to cooperate with construction companies, industries, manufacturers of industrial equipment, organization, is engaged in research and development activities.